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Cool has a new rendition and it’s called Cool USB Sticks!

So what’s your definition of cool tech? Well, at, it’s all about personalised range of USBs that you can get no where else. Be it some Star Wars character that you love, or the slimy nastiness of Bart Simpson, our collection is just super amazing! All of our products are available in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, so compatibility wouldn’t be an issue.If cool is not your thing, then you can pick our regular USBs, because we provide not just great custom USBs, but also great prices. We bet the best prices and genuine products only.We have been customising and creating sticks from years, and every day, our range of products is getting better and bigger; so now, all you have to do is to think about a certain fun USB and trust us, we will already have it.

Why pick our funny flash drives?

We are turning the tables by not going with the slick USB sticks as they are easy to lose, and most importantly, boring. USB pen drives are supposed to be one-time investment, unless you need more space. But losing them just because they were too tiny is absolutely saddening.

Our funny flash drives are accentuating due to their design and colors, and with our keychain designs, you can always keep your USB pen drive close to you. You can either go with some chunkier designs or the subtler ones like Necklace USBs too. Never loose your USB again
While our designs are certainly great, we have taken special care that once you get a USB from us, you will never lose it. And don’t forget the “cool” tag that’s embedded with each of our USB design. Our products are so beautiful that losing them won’t be a possibility.

Our top Sellers
Every product on our store is a top seller. You can get all your favourite movie or cartoon characters in the form of cool USB sticks with premium, high-quality finish. Our products are long-lasting and age as you do.

Some other unique and cool USB sticks designs that we offer include:

Car Key USBs: What about some sexy car key chain with a USB flash drive fit into it? Well, we have some amazing collection of Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, and Volkswagen car key chain USB flash drives.
Necklace USBs: Do you want a flashy and sexy necklace USB flash drive? Go no where, because we have a limited but extraordinary collection of necklace sticks.
Hidden USBs: This USB flash drive goes against the odds and deliver a minimalist and discreet design. Our super mini hidden spy USB is waterproof so that it can really act as a spy tool.
Animal USBs: Our animal sticks are just an amalgamation of cuteness, and nothing more. And do check out our Smile Cow Monster University USB drive, it’s the cutest USB flash drive, ever!

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